14 June 2005

Does the U.S. Have an Image Problem

Better job at communicating our policies? Gitmo is "unfortunate?" When will these people learn that U.S. foreign policy is not about winning the hearts and minds of our enemies. These asshats hate us with every cell in their bodies -- much like the dems. A fudgesickle (sp.?) or a nice glass of Bordeaux with their evening meal will not change a thing.
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has told the BBC his country needs to do a "better job" at communicating its policies to the rest of the world. "I think the US is notably unskilful in our communications and our public diplomacy," he said in Washington. He made a robust defence of the US role in Iraq, saying it was now up to the Iraqi people to restore order. On Guantanamo Bay, he said the prison's reputation was "unfortunate" but its existence was necessary for security. You just can't... not come away thinking, gee, that [the US] must not be a very good country "No one wishes to have a facility like that, no one wishes to have to detain people," he told Sir David Frost in a special interview for BBC Newsnight's Tuesday edition. However, conditions there were humane, he said, and any guards who had "misbehaved" had been punished. "The people in Gitmo... 99% have the best food probably, the best medical treatment, they've ever received in their lives," the defence secretary added.
By the way, it is DEFENSE (note the letter S).

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