06 July 2005

Five Years Later and They Still Think They Won

November 7, 2000. That was the day their reign ended. Sure, they maintained a death grip until January 20th, but it was over. The American people had spoken.

In the political version of roe-sham-bo, paper beats rock, scissors beat paper and Red beats blue.

Red gets to call the locker room of the team that wins the big game (don't say Sooper Bowl or the En Eff Ell will sue you). Red gets to name Walter Reed Army Medical Center as his primary care provider. Red gets a nice vacation cabin in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland and Red gets to name Supreme Court justices.

Not blue. Blue doesn't have a vote. Why? Because blue lost. In fact, blue lost bad.

You would have a hard time telling that blue lost by the way blue behaves. Blue struts around demanding things. Blue demands that Red name someone just like the justice that is leaving the bench.

Knowing how much blue likes to think they still have a say, Red called a few blues and said that he would keep them informed. Blue didn't care for this much (remember that blue still thinks that blue beats Red). Blue Durbin said he "stressed the importance of finding a nominee in the political mainstream." "To be meaningful, consultation should include who Red is really considering so we can give responsive and useful advice," blue Senator from a really blue state Kennedy said.

In Las Vegas on Wednesday, blue Senator from a Red state Harry Reid chided some people who are Red for criticizing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales while Big Red was overseas, saying, "People here have gone a little too far." Blue Reid voted against Attorney Gonzales' confirmation earlier this year. Blue really hates the words "Attorney General" in front of the word Gonzales.

After voting like a cartel to stop several of Red's Appellate Court choices, blues are demanding that "The" Red consult with them before announcing a nominee.

Have you ever noticed that the blues still think they won? Seriously.

Blue Senator from a Red state Ben Nelson said that Red's "No. 1 goal should be getting a good jurist who won't be an activist judge" and that they would talk more once Red makes it back to Washington.

Red isn't in Washington because he is at the G8 Summit in Scotland. Red is there because Red won. Blue is in Las Vegas. Lots of people who lose end up in Las Vegas. Or, is it lots of people who end up in Las Vegas lose? Anyway, blue is in Las Vegas and Red is at an important meeting in Scotland with other people who won.

Open Post thanks to Mudville Gazette.

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