24 December 2005

Stem Cell Research a Fraud???

Stem cell research has been smited by a mighty blow this week. According to an AP report, a well known, and respected, Korean veterinarian claimed to have cloned 11 human embryos to produce stem cells. Well, it appears that his gastrula has burst. I don't know why no one doubted his claims. Here are a few descriptions of the good DVM:
When Hwang published findings in February 2004 and again in May, it was believed he had developed a new cloning method that enabled him to accomplish something no one else had.
Let's see, someone in the scientific community came up with something no one else had and no one tried to replicate or bring legitimacy to his efforts. These people can usually smell blood in the water better than a Great white shark finishing off a Farallon Island sea lion colony. Hmmmmmm. Wait a minute, could it be that the scientific community stands to reap enormous financial gains that they looked the other way? Hmmmm.
Hwang chalked up much of the success to South Korean government support and dedicated researchers working around the clock. He also credited his workers' dexterity with chopsticks; stem cell researchers visited from around the world and rushed back to their labs to try the new technique.
Credited his workers' dexterity with chopsticks??? Are you kidding me. I can't pick up a piece of sweet and sour pork and his researchers can pick up cells????
Hwang's work came under serious question last month after University of Pittsburgh scientist Gerald Schatten withdrew his collaboration with the South Korean, citing questionable ethics practices. Hwang later revealed he had used eggs from female scientists at his lab, violating international ethics guidelines, and apologized --— admitting he had earlier lied about the issue.
Serious question? I'd say so.
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