14 January 2006

Eco-Jackasses Busted in Foothills

Three people were arrested at a local KMart for allegedly plotting to destroy public property. The irony that these eco-jackasses were arrested at a KMart is fabulous. "Attention KMart shoppers, we are having a Blue Light Special on explosive devices on aisle 5." Their parents must be so proud. The Auburn Journal reports:
The FBI arrested three people Friday in Auburn, California including a Foresthill man for allegedly plotting to destroy buildings in the name of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

Eric Taylor McDonald, 28, of Foresthill, was arrested along with Zachary O. Jenson, 20, of Monroe, Wash. and Lauren Weiner, 20, of Philadelphia, Penn. at the Kmart shopping center on Bell Road in Auburn around 11 a.m., said Karen Ernst, spokeswoman for the Sacramento FBI office.

John Cauthen, special agent with the Sacramento FBI office said Friday that the arrest was related to the eco-terrorist group, the ELF.

"The arrest was based on evidence that they were plotting on behalf of the ELF to destroy unspecified cell phone towers, power generation facilities and U.S. Forest Service facilities," Cauthen said.

The three did not resist arrest, Ernst said.

"The arrest was based on probable cause at this time," she said. "A criminal complaint is anticipated to be filed early next."

Ernst said the criminal complaint and accompanying affidavit will lay out the foundation for the charges. More information is expected in the following days.

At this point, authorities said the arrest is not in direct connection to the planting of any bombs.

"We've been asked if there if this (incident) is related to the ELF bombings in Auburn and Lincoln last year and there is no connection to that investigation," Ernst said.

According to an FBI press release, Jenson, Weiner, and McDavid were intending to use explosives to also destroy " unspecified power generation facilities."

FBI officials said there is no information to indicate there is an immediate danger to public welfare or safety.

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