05 March 2006

Hamas' Talks with Moscow

Over the past week, many sides have chimed in on the recent talks between Putin's govenment and Hamas.

Today’s online edition of Haaretz.com reports on recent discussion between Hamas’ leadership and Moscow.

Olmert: Russia's talks with Hamas harm effort to isolate group
Russia's talks with Hamas leaders in Moscow have harmed world efforts to isolate the militant group that is setting up a new Palestinian government, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

Olmert said it was a "mistake" to invite Hamas leaders for talks before the group changes its policies and accepts the basic international demands of recognition of Israel and renunciation of violence.

Despite Israel's objections to the invitation, Hamas leaders were in Moscow over the weekend for talks. They met the Russian foreign minister, but Putin did not agree to see them.
Meanwhile, the Jordan Times reports:

Hamas says Moscow talks 'important breakthrough', rejects pressure
RAMALLAH — Hamas leaders on an official visit to Moscow yesterday called talks with the Russian government an "important breakthrough" and rejected pressure on the group to recognise Israel.
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