01 May 2006

Why I Didn't Boycott

My GrandMother and GrandFather on my Mother's side were born in Mexico and Italy, respectively. As such, I am 25% Mexican and 25% Italian -- the other 50% is white Euro blood courtesy of my Father (not that there is anything wrong with that). My Mother grew up in a wonderful home in San California (Marin County), California. Both of her parents came to the States from their native country, went about their business, raised four children, built a business and retired comfortably. Today, when I traveled to San Rafael to visit my ill Mother, I was adversely impacted by scores of "protesters" who shut down Highway 101. Once my wife, son and I arrived at my parent's home, I asked if they realized what was happening two miles north of their home. My Father said that he wasn't aware of the impact, but he wasn't surprised by the "action." My Mother, on the other hand, was a bit put off by the actions. Shortly before we left, my Uncle Joe came by to visit and he chimed in with his views.

Joe recalled that his parents attended citizenship classes, took tests and did their best to make sure that their children learned English and integrated into American society. It worked. My Uncle Joe became the Mayor of his city -- he also earned a commission as an Officer in the Merchant Marines. My Uncles Francis and Miguel owned successful restaurants and dance studios, respectively. Lastly, my Mother was "Rosie the Riviter' during WWII, raised a family, coordinated community, regional and global relief efforts during times of disaster and famine, and is the best GrandMother the world could imagine. Times have changed. Instead of doing everything possible to integrate into society, today's immigrants want everything handed to them on a silver plate.


Really sad.

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