16 June 2005

Liberals in Academia???

Anti-Bush Propaganda Gets Scientific (Hat Tip to Christopher Flickinger)

Why do items like this continue to surprise me? They shouldn't. We ALL should realize that academia is run by people that, in the immortal words of Howard Dean, have never made an honest living in their lives.

Biology class is supposed to be about reptiles, amphibians and evolution among other things, but at one public university in Pennsylvania, President Bush is front and center – literally. A picture of the President’s face comprised of smaller pictures of soldiers who have died in combat is the centerpiece of a bulletin board at Shippensburg University.

According to Walt Bair, who graduated from the public school this past May, the board is located within the Franklin Science Center and is maintained by Dr. Pablo Delis, a biology professor. “At first, and from a distance, one would think that the board is an informational bulletin board. But, at a second and closer look, you can see what it is…nothing but liberal bashing of the American President,” says Bair.

Could there be more?

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