13 July 2005

Frogs Boost Security for Bastille Day

The "what did they say?"” file just keeps getting bigger. BBC recently reported that the French are boosting security for the Bastille Day celebration. I don'’t seem to recall French troops coming under hostile fire recently. Oh, that'’s right, the French troops are in France.
Security is due to be tight in Paris, as France prepares to celebrate the national Bastille Day holiday.

President Jacques Chirac on Wednesday called for "constant mobilisation (whacky Euro spelling) and vigilance" after the London attacks.
Vigilance since the London attacks??? In case you haven't noticed, things have been blowing up all over the place for the past few decades.
About 5,000 police are expected to be deployed for the celebrations, which include a military parade along the Champs Elysees in the French capital.
Is the German army back in town?
Ahead of Thursday's parade many spectators will have to pass through metal detectors.
Hmm. Metal detectors for a few million celebrants. Better bring the plastique.
Police will also film crowds and limit access to underground stations.

Pierre Mure of the Paris police department told the Associated Press news agency that sharpshooters will be deployed on rooftops.

"It has been only a few days after the London bombings, so that's going to require us to be even more prudent," he said.
Prudent vigilence. Fabulous.
The BBC's Jacky Rowland in Paris says the festivities coincide with a period of self-doubt in France, following several disappointments which many French people blame on President Chirac.

He is due to make a traditional address on French television.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will take part of the ceremony alongside Mr Chirac.

Two battalions from the Brazilian army will be the guest star of the parade.
Well, at least the French Army will have protection.

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