17 August 2005

Naked Man Found and Detained by the Coast Guard

Great...just great.

I'm not sure where this gets filed. Does this go under "Hey, we need more money to keep your silly Senatorial asses afloat," or does it go under, "Crap, the great unwashed masses need love too."
SEATTLE - A man was taken into custody after he was found naked and acting erratic by a Coast Guard helicopter crew this afternoon near Sequim Bay, Wash.

An HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Group/Air Station Port Angeles, Wash., was flying over Sequim Bay at 2:32 p.m., when they saw a possible boat fire.

The helicopter circled back to the vessel to investigate and found a man on the bow of a boat waving distress flares while acting erratically and making obscene gestures.

A Coast Guard 25-foot response boat was launched from Station Port Angeles to investigate.

The crew of the Coast Guard boat found the man naked and screaming obscenities while hitting his head on the deck of the boat.

The Coast Guard instructed the man to dress and then he was detained aboard the Coast Guard boat. The man was taken to John Wayne Marina in Sequim, Wash., where he was turned over to the Sequim Police for further transport to Olympic Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

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