20 January 2006

The Kong Arm of the Law

This is one of the wierdest fuggers I have ever heard of in my life. The Daily Record (Glascow) reports:

Pete Burns could be hauled out of the Big Brother house in handcuffs after police seized his "gorilla skin" coat for testing yesterday.

Animal-lovers complained to the cops after the transvestite pop star bragged of wearing fur from the endangered creatures.

And officers responded by swooping on the house and taking the coat away to be examined by experts.

Burns could face criminal charges if the fur is found to have come from gorillas. Trading in body parts from endangered animals carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail and a £5000 fine.

Even owning gorilla skin without a permit is illegal.

Police don't know how long it will take to test Burns's coat. But they have vowed to take "appropriate action" if his boasts are found to be true.

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