31 January 2006

They Just Can't Help Themselves

Well, the past few days have done wonders of the G.O.P., in my opinion. Kerredy, which is my short hand for the two oxygen thieves from Massachusetts, made complete asses of themselves during the hugely successful Alito confirmation hearings. On Monday, Ted Kerredy looked like my two year-old son throwing a tantrum. Much like the Kerredy, my son throws a stronger tantrum when he knows he's on the losing side of the issue. Then comes Jean-Clause Kerredy, trying to host a filibuster that no one wanted to attend, not even Fienboxer of my state. Again, Jean-Claude brought memories of the kid that wanted to be popular by inviting people over to his house when his parents were gone. Not even free beer could bring in the crowds. Poor Jean-Claude was on the outside looking in. Next comes Harry, errr Hillary, Clinton. During tonight's State of the Union address, she couldn't help but roll her eyes and nod her head. At least she stayed awake this time. They really showed well.

The coup-de-grace this evening was the appearance and swift ejection of Cindy Sheehan. It seems that ol' Cindy was the guest of Lynn Woolsey (D, really big D, CA). It saddens me that my former home district has spawned such political speed bumps such as Woolsey and Boxer. Anyway, Cindy decided to wear a t-shirt that had some petty anti-Iraqi Freedom slogan on it and she was advised to cover it up during the event. Once again, she just couldn't help herself and took off her sweater and showed the shirt. The ejection was swift and certain.

Truly a great week for the G.O.P. and America.

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