06 May 2006

Despite Their Actions, We Must Continue

Today, or was it yesterday according to local time, a British helicopter was struck down in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. While the helo was spiraling towards the ground, groups of Iraqi citizens took the streets and cheered the crash of the helo and the associated column of smoke -- mistake number one. The rest of the story is here.

Reeks of Somalia, yes?

After the helo crashed, British troops arrived to render assistance and were met with a deluge of rocks, bottles and other pieces of hand-propelled debris. Regardless, the Britons continued. Following the initial primitive exchange, Shiite-heads arrived engaged the Britons with small arms fire. Mistake number two -- approximately 30 civilians were injured or killed in the exchange.

These were likely the same Iraqis that cheered the arrival of U.S. troops. The same Iraqis that slammed the soles of their shoes against posters of the previous dictator. The same Iraqis who cheered when the statue was felled. Sadly, the same Iraqis that cheered whenever al-jazeera television broadcasts the beheading of a westerner.

Despite these actions, we must continue in the efforts of Iraqi freedom.

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