23 June 2005

Whose War is it Anyway???

In a very pithy piece, Daniel Henninger of the WSJ OpinionJournal summarizes the current Vietnamization of the Iraq war.
Democratic Senator Richard Durbin's now-historic comment likening U.S. detention facilities at Guantanamo to the Nazis, Soviet gulags, Pol Pot--"or others"--was not the worst thing said in recent days about the administration's Iraq policies. All this proved was that Sen. Durbin was looking out the window in the fifth grade when the nuns taught analogies. A similarly tossed-off comment by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, generally regarded as a serious person, was more troubling.

After saying "there is rising concern that everything [my emphasis] seems to be going the wrong way" on Iraq, Sen. Feinstein demanded "regular progress reports" from the President and explained why: "It's his war."

His war? I thought it was our war. Welcome to the Vietnamization of the Iraq war. A Vietnamized Iraq war means that whatever may be going on in the infant political life of Iraq, the place has become fair grist for the grinding stones of America's domestic politics.

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