26 August 2005

Master Sergeant Makes His Call

Last night I received a very disturbing phone call. It wasn't from my wife telling me that our two-year old son had knocked out a tooth or that our house had fallen out of escrow -- it was from an active duty Air Force Crew Chief telling me about his new Master Sergeant. Evidently, this Master Sergeant, who was recently assigned to a C-5 Group, decided to grill his company on the types of vehicles they drive. The MSgt asked if anyone drove a vehicle with a V-8 engine -- everyone kept their mouths shut. He then asked if anyone drove a pickup truck or SUV, again, no responses. He finally asked if anyone utilized car pool opportunities or public transportation to get to base on a daily basis. One female air crew member responded affirmatively. The Master Sergeant congratulated her and told the rest of the assembly that they were supporting terrorism by driving "gas guzzling" vehicles and by not car pooling. MSgt finally began a miniature rant that the current war on terror has nothing to do with terror, but is rather all about keeping gas prices low in the U.S.

I have known the source of this for some time and consider him a very credible. He loves the Air Force and considers it a calling not a career. Is the Master Sergeant within his purview to make statements such as this? While in uniform?

Thanks to the Mudville Gazette for their Open Post.

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