31 December 2005

CIA Warns Ankara of Possible Air Ops Against Iran

Crazy, unsourced articles are not the exclusive domain of the U.S. MSM. It seems that the Turkish media enjoys this, as well. The TurkishPressdotcom reports CIA's Goss Reportedly Warned Ankara of Iranian Threat.
Cumhuriyet - During his recent visit to Ankara, CIA Director Porter Goss reportedly brought three dossiers on Iran to Ankara.

Goss is said to have asked for Turkey'’s support for Washington'’s policy against Iran'’s nuclear activities, charging that Tehran had supported terrorism and taken part in activities against Turkey.

Goss also asked Ankara to be ready for a possible US air operation against Iran and Syria.

Goss, who came to Ankara just after FBI Director Robert Mueller'’s visit, brought up Iran'’s alleged attempts to develop nuclear weapons. It was said that Goss first told Ankara that Iran has nuclear weapons and this situation was creating a huge threat for both Turkey and other states in the region. Diplomatic sources say that Washington wants Turkey to coordinate with its Iran policies. The second dossier is about Iran'’s stance on terrorism. The CIA argued that Iran was supporting terrorism, the PKK and al-Qaeda. The third had to do with Iran'’s alleged stance against Ankara. Goss said that Tehran sees Turkey as an enemy and would try to "“export its regime."
So, Porter Goss decided to blurt out that Turkey should be prepared for possible air assaults against Iran and Syria? This just doesn't seem to pass the smell test to me.

Thanks to the Mudville Gazette for their Open Post.

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