07 February 2006

Taiwan Pres is a Troublemaker???

Once again, Bejing is flexing it's muscles regarding all things Taiwan. The Times of India reports:
BEIJING: China condemned Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian's plan to scrap 15-year-old official guidelines on unification on Wednesday, calling him a "troublemaker" and "saboteur" of peace and stability in Asia.
Peace and stability in Asia. Please tell me more...
Chen, seeking to shake off Beijing's claim of sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan, told a rally on Lunar New Year's Day on January 29 that it was time to consider scrapping the island's National Unification Council and its guidelines on unification with the mainland.

"This demonstrates once again that he is a troublemaker and saboteur of cross-Strait relations and peace and stability in Asia," Li Weiyi, spokesman for policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office, told a news conference without mentioning Chen by name.

Li stopped short of saying whether scrapping the guidelines and council, which was set up in 1990 and was once the island's top policy-making body on the issue of unification, would lead to war. The council has been dormant since Chen took office in 2000, ending five decades of Nationalist rule.

Beijing has vowed to attack Taiwan if the island formally declares statehood. The two sides split at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949 when the defeated Nationalists fled into exile on the island.
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