26 November 2006

Massive Rally Backs Chavez Opponent

In one of the largest anti-Chavez rallies in many years, thousands of Venezuelans blocked a major highway in support of opposition presidential candidate Manuel Rosales.

Shouts of "Dare to change!" rose up from the dense crowd filling the highway for several miles and spilling into nearby overpasses and streets in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. The rally came eight days before the country's presidential election on Dec. 3.

Rosales, speaking from a stage, promised democracy for a country he said was sinking into Cuba-style authoritarianism under Chavez.

"I don't want to be a president who controls all the branches of government," Rosales shouted to thundering applause. "Let there be true democracy in Venezuela!"

I agree, let there be democracy in Venezuela.

The rest of the story can be found here.

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