28 November 2006

Navy Eyes Fighting in Cyberspace

Chief of Naval Operations Mullen has tasked a development group with creating new concepts that will help the service fight adversaries in cyberspace. Military dot com reports.

In an Oct. 16 memorandum, Mullen calls on the Strategic Studies Group to give him a "high-level blueprint that encompasses your longer-term view, as well as a roadmap that includes immediately actionable steps -- operational, process, and technological -- that our Navy may take to begin developing the capabilities" needed to master the cyberspace warfare domain in the next 25 years.

The one-page document is addressed to the group's director, retired Adm. James Hogg, and is titled "Strategic Studies Group XXVI Theme -- 'Fighting in Cyberspace in 2030.'"

The Strategic Studies Group, located at the Naval War College in Newport, RI, "generates revolutionary naval warfare concepts" that appear to have potential, but are not being pursued by other Navy organizations, according to the group's Web site.

The group "is tasked only by and reports directly to the CNO," it adds.

Each year, the study team focuses on an issue of special interest to the chief of naval operations, according to a Naval War College Web site.

Mullen opens the memo by calling cyberspace a "new dimension to warfare" that is not only a "seamless blend of sensors, networks, and advanced information technologies, [but] it is also different in principles and concepts."

The group is charged with first understanding the relationships between cyberspace and "traditional maritime domains" like warfare and naval competition.

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