25 June 2005

Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Swindle is Dwarfed by the Pharmaceutical Industry's own Scam???

The chuckleheads at TomCruise.com, I mean NewsTarget now suggest that there is nothing to worry about regarding the drastic influx of counterfeit drugs, which are hitting U.S. streets via Canada. Forget the fact that many of the fake fixes come from clandestine labs in Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. Forget that the pharmacology is not 100% correct. Forget that it just might kill you. All the NT folks want you to know is that prescription drugs are unnecessary and a rip-off.
The FDA is worried sick about counterfeit prescription drugs. Why? Because it's competing with profits for drug companies, of course. I always laugh when I see these stories about investigations into counterfeit drugs, because it's amusing to see how worried the pharmaceutical industry gets over con men stealing some of their own evil profits. No honor among thieves, I suppose. It gets even funnier when you realize that since prescription drugs are so toxic to the human body, many people taking counterfeit drugs are probably going to end up being healthier than those taking the real deal.
The rest of the story...

Groups like this make me laugh. On Newstarget's left sidebar they claim "We're 100% independent, we take no money from the companies or products we write about, and we cannot be bought off." Yet, on the right sidebar there are five ads for on-line pharmacies -- two of which are Canadian. Sheesh!

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