30 June 2005

UN Troops Kill Six in Haiti Raid

While brave U.S. troops are vilified throughout the world and within the halls of Congress, UN troops are referred to as "peacekeepers."
The UN is sending more troops to violence-stricken Haiti.

UN peacekeepers in Haiti have killed six suspected criminals in an exchange of fire in a ghetto of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Five others were reportedly injured and 13 captured during the eight-hour raid.
Well, it appears that the Brazillian-fed UN troops enabled six Haitian "criminals" to achieve the ultimate peace.

I don't recall Haiti having weapons of mass destruction. Was Haiti a safe harbor for Al Quaeda? Did Bin-ladin receive support from Haiti?

A 7,000-strong Brazilian-led peacekeeping force has been in Haiti since the ousting of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide last year.

"Those killed were armed bandits who shot at our troops," said a spokesman for the Brazilian peacekeepers, Col Jorge Smicelato.

"No-one from the civilian population was killed," he added.

So, these bandits were not civilians, eh? Therefore, the 13 who were captured are flagged soldiers who are subject to all the luxuries of the Geneva Convention.

There are now 7,400 of the UN troops in Haiti and the Security Council voted a week ago to add another 1,000 soldiers and police to the mission.

And the U.S. is an occupying force???

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